Saturday, July 12, 2014

Waredrobe Architect Revised pt.3

In this post, I'm going to revisit Coletterie's Wardrobe Architect Week 5 (Your Color Story) and Week 6 (Organizing Your Palette).

Last time I did Week 5, I had an easy time picking colours that I liked. I guess my real problem was limiting the amount of colours! These were my original colours:

I picked so many colours! I still really like them all. But, I decided to remember my core style (preppy) and pick colours that were more suited to that. So, these are the new colours that I picked:

I think that these are the colours I like most and feel best wearing, so I'm going to focus on them.

And, it's already organized for the Week 6 exercise, organizing your palette.

Dove grey, cream, camel, taupe, and black

Nearly Neutrals
Olive and navy

Statement Colours
Mint, turquoise, blush, purple, scarlet, and gold

Much simpler than before. Last time I did this exercise, I had so many colours in the different categories. It will be much easier for me to shop for fabrics and build a wardrobe with this palette.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Self-Drafted Crop Pants

I decided to take apart some old RTW pants I had to make a pattern for some new skinny crop pants.

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Burdastyla Shorts Update

I decided to go back and fix the crotch on my Burdastyle 03/2013 #126 Shorts. At little change made a huge difference!

I scooped out the front and back curve about 1/4" at the in-seam. Almost all of my weird crotch wrinkles disappeared!

The back looks much better, too. This little alteration also made the shorts even more comfortable. It no longer feels like I'm getting a slight wedgie - lol! So, if you have pants or shorts that are giving you wedgie, the trick it to scoop out the crotch curve a little deeper. 

And since I didn't take a good picture of it last time, here is what the side pockets look like in the pattern. I really like them. It adds a little interest to what are otherwise plain grey shorts.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Sewing: Burdastyle 03/2013 #126 Shorts #2

The summer heat is here, so I have made another pair of shorts for the office. The pattern is Burdastyle 03/2013 #126. I used the same pattern last year to make a wearable muslin and now I finally made another pair with nice fabric.

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Head to Toe: Stories Woven in the Clothes We Wear

A new CBC radio program has started for the summer. It's called Head to Toe and it looks at how clothing matters to us.

So far, there are two episodes: one on special occasions and one for revealing clothing (i.e what we wear at the beach). It's fun and entertaining, so I thought I would share it with you.