Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sewing: Fall Jacket

I've made myself a new jacket! A fall jacket like I've been wanting for sometime. I'm not sure exactly what kind of jacket it is, but I've seen the names 'field jacket' and 'cargo jacket' used. Believe it or not, I used the same pattern as my winter jacket just with some alterations.

Details and more photos after the jump.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wardrobe Architect Revised pt.5

I'm going back over Coletterie's Wardrobe Architect and now I'm at Week 9 and 10. Week 9 is about creating a capsule wardrobe. Last time I did this exercise, I was pretty happy with most of my silhouettes. But, some of it, particularly the silhouette for colder weather wasn't that great.

As I mentioned in an earlier exercise, skinny legged pants are what are 'mainstream' right now. So, my silhouette with the flared leg pants is a little out of place. Basically, it's more like what people were wearing ten years ago and the times they are a'changin.  

My newer fall/winter silhouettes are after the jump...

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sewing: Jalie 3242

Well, I haven't posted in awhile! I've been pretty busy, but I've still managed to sew a couple things. Anyways, I would like to show you my attempt at some men's boxer briefs for my husband using Jalie 3242.

My first attempt turned out poorly. The boxer briefs look ok (see picture below), but they were way too tight. It was completely my fault, though. I misread the fabric requirements for the pattern. The pattern calls for at least 70% stretch in all directions (up/down and side-to-side). Somehow, I only thought it needed that much stretch in one direction. So, even though I probably picked the right size, they were way too tight.

My second attempt went a little better. I was able to find some fabric with enough stretch. And, it's very nice looking stripped fabric. I think I did a pretty good job matching up the stripes.

My husband can still get them on and wear them, but they are not perfect. He does not like where the pouch lines sit and would prefer them to be further out. So, now I'm debating whether I should alter this pattern. Or, I could use the men's brief pattern, which has a wider pouch, and lengthen the legs.

Luckily, I bought a lot of the knit fabric knowing I would have to make a few test pairs before finding the perfect fit. Also, they are a super quick sew, so I don't mind making more.

I like that this pattern comes with so many options and sizes. I definitely would love to make myself the perfect pair of underwear, too. I'll let you know how this all turns out.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sewing: Sewaholic Rae Skirt

I wanted a quick and easy sewing project and out came the Sewaholic Rae Skirt. I loved the floral fabric in the kit and just had to get it myself.

Notes after the jump...

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Waredrobe Architect Revised pt.4

I'm finally back to my re-do of Colette's Wardrobe Architect series. In this post, I'm going to explore prints and solids (Week 7) and discuss hair and make-up (Week 8).

When I first discussed prints and solids, I was pretty much all over the place. I went through my existing wardrobe and created a mishmash of colours and prints.

I was right to conclude that I like florals and geometric patterns. But, when it actually comes to designing a wardrobe, I should try to include more solids to make it easier for my pieces to work together. So, while I will continue to love some prints (like my favourite robot print chiffon blouse), I need to include more solids in my wardrobe.

To help me do that, I am also going to think of fabric types. Some fabrics are so nice, you want them in a solid, just so the quality of the fabric stands out. Here is what I came up with:

More fabric types that will look good in solid, like the sweater knit and denim.  Mixed with a few fabrics that look good with a print, like the chiffon robots (heart). I think all of these help me with my overall goal of creating something a little more timeless and a little bit 'preppy'. It's already easier to imagine articles of clothing made up of the above examples that will work together.

On to Week 8: Hair, Make-Up, and Beauty. Last time I did this exercise, I actually did a good job putting down what I like and don't like. So, I will just summarize it again, I like a simple look (no make-up).

My hair is finally long enough that I can do a bit more with it if I want. I usually put it in a pony tail, but sometimes I will french braid it. That's it!

Overall, I think my clean, simple approach to beauty works well with the preppy look that I'm using as a guide.